Thursday, May 9, 2013

Simple Chevron Nail Art

          Last night, I needed a palate cleanser. While going through my polish, I decided on OPI My Vampire Is Buff. You can see my review of the polish here. I was so tired after working 37 hours in three days that I nearly fell asleep while waiting for it to dry. I don't know why I even attempted to change my polish. Fast forward 11 hours. (Yes, I slept for 11 hours.) I woke up to a hot mess. It wasn't a pretty site. I decided to clean it up and add something to it.

Check out all the details  under the cut...

Chevron Nail Art
 OPI My Vampire Is Buff
Essie Chinchilly
black striper nail art polish
Seche Vite

      This was a pretty simple design to do. All you need is regular old tape and some patience. 

      I started with the MVIB base. With a piece of tape that I cut with scissors (to get a clean line), I taped off the tip of each nail. I then applied two coats of Essie Chinchilly. I found it easier to remove the tape from the tip by pulling towards the cuticle. The lines were much cleaner that way. 
         I finished it off with a few lines with a black striper. I was worried the lines would come out wonky, but I think they're pretty good. My hand isn't super steady. The raised edge of  Chinchilly definitely helped. One coat of Seche Vite sealed it perfectly.

          It's far from perfect, but I'm digging it. I love the contrast between the two main neutral colors; the black really ties it all together. I was on the fence about it at first. It turned out a hundred times better than I expected. My right hand even looks great. What do you think? Could you pull this off? 


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