Saturday, March 16, 2013

OPI Euro Centrale Spring 2013 Collection

            I know I'm a little late to the game with this post, but had to share. This is the first OPI collection that I've purchased all in one shot. Receiving this nail mail was glorious. There's nothing like cracking open a box and seeing 12 new OPIs. Who wouldn't like that? 

            Check out all the details and more pictures after the jump!

The following swatches are over a base of OPI Ridge Filler and topped with Seche Vite.

My Vampire Is Buff
delicate off white nude creme 

two coats

          I love this! Application was a dream. It wasn't streaky and the dry time was right on target. I thought this would look really blah on me, but it works so well. I'm more red/pink toned. If you're yellow toned, this might not work out as well.  This might be my new go to palette cleanser. 

Oy-Another Polish Joke! 
soft yellow gold shimmer

index: three coats alone
middle and pinky: one coat over MVIB
ring: two coats over MVIB

          I'm not a fan of yellow golds. I don't think they work for my skin tone. I was surprised by the opacity. Three coats offered full coverage. I prefer one thin coat over My Vampire is Buff. It gives off a Grecian goddess vibe. I can dig it.

Hands Off My Keilbasa! 
mauve with bronze shimmer

two coats

          The application on this was great, but I don't like it on me. It's just not my style. I like more of a pop. Since I'm more pink toned, this really washed me out. If you're looking for a conservative go to for interviews and whatnot, this will be right up your alley. 

Suzi's Hungary Again
warm coral leaning medium
 pink creme with a subtle 
silver shimmer

two coats

          Applied like butter! I love this pink! I actually have it on my toes right now.  It's bright without being over the top, and works really well with my skin tone. The shimmer in this was only noticeable to me in bright sunlight. An overall great spring polish.

My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours
bright red orange creme with 
a slight silver micro shimmer

two coats

           A red orange that doesn't give me lobster hands! This is miraculous. Most polishes in this color family pull out all my red undertones. This applied nicely and dried quickly. The shimmer in this is extremely subtle, but lends a nice playfulness that calms down the brightness.

A Woman's Prague-ative
intense copper shimmer

index: three coats
middle, ring, and pinky: 
one coat over MPIHTY

          Oh, la la! I wasn't sure about this polish when I first saw it. On its' own, three coats is perfect. Layered over MPIHTY, WOW. I love it! I love how it completely changes the base. The formula was right on par with OAPJ.

You're Such A Budapest
cool toned periwinkle lavender creme
with a subtle silver shimmer

three coats

          The application was good, but needed three coats to even out the streaks. The formula on this one was thinner than the other cremes in the collection, but totally worth it. This is a favorite of mine. I love how light and fresh it looks. I could see this becoming was well loved and HTF as Rumple's Wiggin'. 

Vant To Bite My Neck?
deep eggplant purple creme

two coats

          It's no surprise that I love this. I've worn it three times since getting it a few weeks ago. The application was great and I didn't experience any staining when I wore it. The wear time was a little longer than typical for me. It lasted until the end of day two with no chips. I think this is a very wearable shade. 

Can't Find My Czechbook
bright medium toned aqua blue creme

two coats

          I think I should have gone with three coats on this one. You can see a bit of patchiness on my index and middle fingers. The formula was a little on the thin side, but not nearly as thin as YSAB. This polish is the one that really caught my eye when I saw the press release. The color did not disappoint. Three coats would have been this the perfect polish it was meant to be.

aqua, pink, and purple hexes with purple micro glitter

index: four coats over CFMC
middle: three coats over CFMC
ring: two coats over CFMC
pinky: on coat over CFMC

          Perfect application. Check! Great glitter pay off. Check! This glitter is beautiful. I really wanted to showcase how easily it builds up. Four coats might seem like a little overboard, but it makes for the perfect blinged out accent nail. This dried surprisingly well for a glitter. One coat of Seche Vite smoothed it out nicely. 

 OPI... Eurso Euro
medium blue creme

two coats

          This is very eye catching. I love the brightness and almost jelly-ish, but not quite a crelly, look to this. The application was great and the dry time average. My only qualm with this polish is the odd smell. It smells a bit different from the others of the collection. I've worn this for a few days now and it still looks great. A must buy!

I Saw... U Saw... We Saw ... Warsaw
deep midnight navy blue creme

two coats

          I've only recently become a blue polish fan so this is unique to my collection. I've showcased this in a prior post and topped it with Polka.Com. The application was typical of the other cremes, but the formula was a little thinner. This shade is very universal and I can't imagine it not working on anyone. This will most likely be my new go to dark blue.

          I'm really pleased with this collection as a whole. The purples and blues are must haves, and My Vampire is Buff should be on your wishlist if your coloring is similar to mine. This collection has something for everyone. I wish there were a green thrown in there for good measure. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a fabulous green in the summer collection!

          Do you have any of these yet? What are your favorites? 


  1. I like all of the cremes, but I am not blown away by the collection. I think it is nice for several good basics, though.

  2. Lucky you! These look great and I love your nail shape. You did a good job swatching em =D

  3. all so beautiful, but very expensive

  4. That would be the most glorious nail mail! Beautiful swatches :)


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