Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Beauty Buffs - Black and White

      Hey, babes! The Beauty Buffs are back again and this week is something I'm all about. Black and white. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love me some black clothes. I'd say 80% of my wardrobe is black. I'll never get tired of it. For this look, I drew inspiration from one of my favorite tops I picked up at Asos this summer. Check out all the details and a link up to other great black and white posts after the jump!

Products Used

Rica Blackout
Rica Whiteout
yellow acrylic paint
striping brush
dotting tool
Rica Glossy Glam

     I started out with a black base and then added top coat. I did that so the colors wouldn't smear or drag. With a striping brush, I made an "X" and then kept repeating that until I created the daisies. The beauty of flowers is that no two are the same. Don't worry about perfection! 

     To finish the look, I added a few yellow dots to the middle of each daisy. Top coat is a must for this look. It softened the flowers and made it look so much better. 

     Side note: I decided to give Brand New's Daisy a spin while I was writing up this post. Appropriate, right?

     I hope you don't mind the cliche mirror selfie! I posted this picture on Instagram not too long ago. As you can see, I love black and white. (Let me know if you'd like more OOTD posts even if they're lame mirror pictures!)

Outfit of the Day

daisy top - ASOS Curve US24
black cardigan - Target 3X
skinny jeans - Lane Bryant 28
flats - Payless
lipstick - MAC Heroine 


  1. So cute! I love it! I really love black and white manis too.

  2. Love this! Florals with a black base always make me happy!

  3. Me, too! I'm starting to see a pattern in my posts. haha!

  4. You can't go wrong with black and white!

  5. SO CUTE!! I love daisy prints, I have a daisy skirt I still haven't worn yet... maybe I'll throw it on today while I sit and edit at my desk, just because you inspired me ;)

  6. Love these daisies. I want them on my nails!!!!! and how did you get that facebook thing to popup and how did you take the mirrored selfie? I want to copy you xoxo

  7. hahaha! Whatever it takes to make you feel good! There was a daisy dress I wanted from Asos, but I waited too long to grab it. It sold out in just a few days.

  8. HAHAHAHA! Copy away! I can't remember where I found the pop up thing. If I find it, I'll post it in the group. And for the mirrored selfie, I used an app called Diptic. It's great for collages on your phone, too. :)

  9. Love the daisies, they're the print from my summer dress, so cute. I don't normally like flowery patterns, so I'm quite surprised these catch my eye.

    And definitely more OOTDs! You look awesome.

  10. Thank you, love!

    I love daisies. I think I was drawn to this top because it's very 90s looking. Plus, it's sheer. I wear a cute lacy bra under it and you can just see through it a tiny bit. It's perfect for summer.

  11. Lovely nail art! So simple and cute!

  12. That's why I love that top so much! :)

  13. Yey! I looove the outfit, and even though I'm not a fan of matching my nails and outfits, THIS IS THE PERFECT COMBO! :D

  14. Gorgeous! Daisy's are my favorite and somehow I've never worn them on my nail over black (despite a....some daisy tops). Also, adorable outfit!

  15. these are so cute, i love the inspiration!


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