Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Red Coat Tuesday - French Manicure

     Hey, babes! There are only a few more episodes left before the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. Can you believe how this is just flying by? I finally watched last week's episode and it was something else. Each week is a new headache for me. Will we ever find out who A is? I'm starting to think the answer is no.

     I chose to PLL a classic look. Keep reading for all the details...

Products Used

Rica Blackout
OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It
Rica Glossy Glam

small cleanup brush
pure acetone

     For this look, I started out with a coat of black on my tips and then used a small brush dipped in acetone to clean up the smile line. I've gotten pretty good at this, but you could use french guide stickers or tape to make a clean line if you don't want to freehand it. Give it a try though. You might actually be good at it. 

     After the black tips were cleaned up, I added two swipes of the the red glitter. Just a coat of top coat was used to finish it off. Pretty simple, huh? 

     I've always loved the look of a french manicure. It always looks to nice. 


  1. I really love the unique twist on such classic look. Gorgeous! Seeing your freehand tips makes me really want to give it a try myself! So far, it has been french tip guides all the way lol

  2. I was all about the guides, too. I tried the French Tip Dip and wasn't a fan. After that fiasco, I decided to try it out by my own hand. I had seen it down enough on myself when I used to get acrylics. I was surprised by how easy it was. Give it a try and report back!

  3. I love this manicure! So classic. you're really good at freehanding the french tip! lol


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