Monday, November 12, 2012

Wowie Kazowie: Max Factor Fantasy Fire

     You heard that right: WOWIE KAZOWIE. That's the only suitable title for this post. Today I have an absolutely gorgeous duo for you. Illamasqua Prosperity topped with Max Factor Fantasy Fire is pure perfection.

     I started with two coats of Illamasqua Prosperity. I've worn this polish twice since I got it a few weeks ago. I love the rich and squishy purple. If I were to wear it alone, I would have done another coat to even it out. This is a matte-ish rubber polish. When a top coat is used, it's a beautifully shiny and deeply pigmented polish. I've found the wear time on the rubber polish to be great. I'm really hard on my nails and usually get at least 3 to 4 days out of it.  Here it is by itself with two coats.

      To amp it up, I added two thin coats of Fantasy Fire to the top. Fantasy Fire is a royal blue jelly with a red color shifting shimmer. At different angles, the shimmer shifts from red to orange and green. It's seriously one of the most beautiful polishes I own.  (Don't mind the burn on my middle finger. My curling wand got angry with me a few days ago.)

     I even tried taking a few pictures in the sunlight today although it was a bit overcast today. Darn Pittsburgh weather. I can't imagine how amazing it would look in full sunlight. 

     Max Factor isn't available in the US. However, you can purchase this polish on eBay. I actually bought a pack of two bottles for around $22 shipped. I was pretty shocked considering I've seen a single bottle sell in nail polish groups and on blog sales for upwards of $25 a bottle. Keep in mind that this is a very small bottle at only 4.5 mL. I would never try to use it on its own as it would take too many coats to achieve opacity. If you get a chance, pick this one up! It's beyond perfect.

     And I'll just leave you with this little gem. While painting my nails, I get to deal with this little dude staring at me. He knows not to move around or I'll yell at him for bumping me. 

Do you have a polish buddy to help you out?


  1. I WANNA SQUISH YOUR PUG HEISSOCUTEOMG. Also this polish looks awesome over err'thang, hope to see lots more of it from you!

    1. Squish away! He's a total snuggle bug and loves attention.

  2. I have this polish too and I adore it! It just looks so pretty!

  3. Ooh, awesome call to layer it over a purple! It's truer to its natural color this way. I just love FF. <3

  4. Great job Ashley!! Your nails look amazing and the combination is stunning!!!!

  5. Your nails look amazing and the combination is fantastic!! Thanks so much for the posting. I have to go out and get the Illamasqua now!!!


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