Friday, November 9, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jack

      Rescue Beauty Lounge Jack is a beautiful dark teal with a beautiful "hidden" blue shimmer. The blue shimmer is very apparent in the bottle. Unfortunately, it doesn't translate onto the nail. If you don't have any RBL polishes, you're missing out on one of the best polish formulas I've had the experience to work with. The following pictures are two coats.

    This polish is from the Georgia On My Mind collection. This polish was originally released as Jack In The Pulpit, but was changed to Jack after a copyright problem. My bottle is from the original release. You can read about the name change here


   The formula was great and it applied beautifully. It easily could be a one coat wonder. I prefer at least two coats of polish because I have weaker nails.

    I wanted to take pictures of this in the sunlight, but I had a bit of a boo boo while I was doing my hair this morning. While using my flat iron for curls, I clamped down on my middle finger. I've got a wonderful little burn and my polish melted a bit. Whoops!

     Here's the blue shimmer I was talking about. It's stunning. I wish it weren't so hidden on the nail. If you know of a similar teal polish with a more apparent shimmer, please let me know! 

     I sure am I sucker for greens. What's your favorite polish color family?


  1. I was so disappointed by this polish. The shimmer disappeared on my nails and it chipped like crazy within a day. It's a pretty color but without the shimmer it wasn't all that unique to me.

    1. RBLs wear really well on me, but don't mesh well with certain bases. This was one of my firsts from the brand. I much prefer Abi over this.


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