Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ellagee - Sparkling Gemstones Part Two

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   Hey, hey, hey! I've been sitting on these swatches for far too long. Two weeks to be exact. Between struggling with some personal issues and a laptop that's about to die on me at any moment, it's been hard to get the time to work on anything. Here's to brighter days (and brighter nails!) from here on out. 

     Laura of ellagee has been adding to the Sparkling Gemstones collection since my first post. This is five of the new ones, and I'll have a few more soon. Until then, enjoy!

Sparkling Diamond


two coats Glimmering Diamond
one coat Crushed Diamond on accents
one coat Glass

Glimmering Diamond

sheer white
iridescent shimmer

Crushed Diamond

clear base
white and silver holo glitter
iridescent glitter

Sparkling Alexandrite


two coats Glimmering Alexandrite
one coat Crushed Alexandrite on accents
one coat Glass

Glimmer Alexandrite

medium lilac
pink shimmer

Crushed Alexandrite

clear base
metallic lilac glitter
holo lilac glitter

Sparkling Peridot


two coats Glimmering Peridot
one coat Crushed Peridot on accents
one coat Glass

Glimmer Peridot

bright green
gold shimmer

Crushed Peridot

clear base
green and chartreuse metallic glitter
green and chartreuse holo glitter

Sparkling Pink Tourmaline


two coats Glimmering Pink Tourmaline
one coat Crushed Pink Tourmaline on accents
one coat Glass

Pink Tourmaline

shimmer carnation pink
lilac flash

Crushed Pink Tourmaline

clear base
pink metallic glitter
pink holo glitter

Sparkling Yellow Topaz


two coats Glimmering Yellow Topaz
one coat Crushed Yellow Topaz on accents
one coat Glass

Glimmer Yellow Topaz

shimmering golden yellow

Crushed Yellow Topaz

clear base
yellow gold metallic glitter
yellow gold holo glitter

The Sparkling Gemstones collection is currently available. 
All polishes are full size 15ml bottles. 
Each polish is $10.00 USD and the duos are $18.00 USD plus shipping.
Glass  top coat is $7.00 USD plus shipping. 

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All opinions are unbiased and were not influenced in any way.

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