Friday, February 13, 2015

ellagee - Lickety Split & Gradient Tutorial

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     Hey, babes! I'm really trying to channel some spring vibes today. It's currently below freezing in Pittsburgh with no sign of warming up. For me, nothing is more spring than pastels. I'm sure you all saw my review of the Zoya Delight collection, right? I used three shades for today's look. It was super simple and clean up was a breeze thanks to Ellagee's Lickety Split. Keep on reading for a full review and tutorial for this look!

ellagee - Lickety Split & Gradient Tutorial
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ellagee - Lickety Split & Gradient Tutorial

Products Used

Rica Whiteout
ellagee Lickety Split
Zoya Tiana, Lillian, and Eden
ellagee Glass

ellagee - Lickety Split & Gradient Tutorial

What is Lickety Split?

    Lickety Split is a mani mask. It's available in a latex or latex free version. You apply it to your fingers to make cleanup a snap. Simply paint it on your skin, wait for it to dry, and apply your nail art. Once you're done, you just peel it off. (I thought that was the most fun part!) 

     I used the latex version. It does have a strong odor so you it in a well ventilated area. I didn't have any problems with it.

ellagee - Lickety Split & Gradient Tutorial

    Lickety Split made this so easy. I had very little cleanup to do after removing it. 

    Don't worry if your gradient looks a little on the lumpy side. Top coat is a miracle worker. I used Glass to make it super smooth. 

Zoya Delight Gradient Nail Art

     Can we take a moment to appreciate how great this trio is? They work together perfectly! This is just the pick me up I needed this winter. Spring, where are you?

ellagee - Lickety Split & Gradient Tutorial Zoya Delight

Lickety Split Latex Mani Mask and Lickety Split Latex Free Mani Mask are both available now. The latex version is $4.00 USD plus shipping while the latex free version is $7.00 USD plus shipping. 
Glass  top coat is $6.50 USD each plus shipping. 

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  1. I've never really seen the liquid latex stuff in person, but it makes me happy that there's alternatives now in the indie world to Liquid Palisade or whatever it is. Maybe this will help me want to create gradients again! Because, well, they seem to be the bane of my existence.

  2. Honestly, I rarely do nail art because of the cleanup. I hate using tape or glue. Those are so time consuming!

    This made it so much easier.

  3. I always make a mess with my manis. Great solution!


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