Saturday, August 2, 2014

Re/Dress - Fattitude Nail Decals by Sara Lyons

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     Hey, babes! I'm so, so excited about today's post. The bangin' owner of Re/Dress, Rachel, recently asked me if I'd like to review these Fattitude nail decals. DUH. Of course! I couldn't wait to get these on my nails. I finally had a chance to try them out and loved the result! Check out all the details after the jump...

Fattitude Nail Decals includes 2 each of 16 different designs  including thunder thighs, cankles, tasty treats, fat pride themed valentine hearts, a dapper hippo and a pretty pig that are EXCLUSIVE TO RE/DRESS!

Fattitude Nail Decals

     I started with a white base and top coat. (I used Rica Whiteout and Glossy Glam) After my base was dry, I cut out the decal that I wanted to use. I used a box cutter so that I could get as close to the design as possible. After removing the clear front, I stuck it on my nail and then dipped my finger in water. A few seconds later, I removed it and the blue backing slid right off. I blew on it a bit to get the water to dry off before I added more top coat. It was just like applying a temporary tattoo from my childhood!

Fattitude Nail Decals

     Don't worry! All the instructions come in the package and they're super easy to follow. I highly suggest using top coat over your base so that the base color doesn't smear over the decal. Better safe than sorry! 

     I didn't top coat right away and noticed that the edges of the decal started to curl. Don't get alarmed by that. My top coat smoothed it over and uncurled it. 

Fattitude Nail Decals

     The plain white base definitely needed something! I added these cute polka dots using some dotting tools and four OPI shades: What's With The Cattitude?, Feel The Mo-heat-oes Green, Lucky Lucky Lavender, and Flamingo Tini Pink. To finish it off, I added more Glossy Glam. 

      I'm seriously loving this manicure!

Fattitude Nail Decals are only available from Re/Dress! They were made in a small batch and are limited edition so grab them now! Don't forget to check out Re/Dress for a wide selection of awesome fashion up to size 4X.
Each set of 32 decals is $10 plus $1 shipping. 
You can find Re/Dress on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on new offerings!

Products in this post were provided for an honest review. 
All opinions are unbiased and were not influenced in any way.


  1. Ashley, these are cute, silly, and funny all at the same time! I was getting little cravings just looking at all the treats. I like your addition of polka dots -- I do the same thing sometimes when using water decals.

  2. Thank you! The polka dots were the perfect accent to it. :)

  3. I freaking love these. I love the ones that say fat + sexy, especially! Also the pizza.

  4. Thank you!!

    And who doesn't love pizza? Dummies. That's who.

  5. Holy poop I love these so much but I can't afford 10 dollar decals. They are SO lovely though!

  6. I'm sorry. :(

    Set $1 a aside each day. You'll have it in no time!

  7. Unfortunately I just lost my job so I can't even justify spending a dollar a day haha. Just bad timing! It's too bad it's limited edition.

  8. Oh, these are so cute and fun!! Thunder thighs < 3

    I like how you added the subtle dots, didn't take away from the decals. Lovely!

  9. Thank you! When in doubt, add dots! This is actually one of my favorite looks I've done in a long time.


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