Thursday, July 3, 2014

American Nail Art

     Happy Independence Day! Well, almost! I wanted to share this with you a day early just in case I might inspire someone to duplicate this look. Plus, I'll be out of town this weekend and didn't want to miss out on sharing this look. 

     I'm really looking forward to a weekend away from home. You all have no idea how badly I need a getaway. Fireworks, sunshine, friends, and BBQ. Could it get any better? Nope! 

    Check out all the details under the cut...

Products Used

Rica Whiteout
Essie Fishnet Stockings
Essie Hide & Go Chic
Rica Glossy Glam
blue rhinestone
small tweezer
small striping brush
small dotting tool

1) Apply a blue base and add small white dots in the same configuration as the stars on the flag. Seriously, don't try the stars. You'll end up saying not so nice things when they turn out like blobs.
2) Apply a red base. Simple!
3) Apply a white base. Add haphazard blue and red stripes with a striping brush. Just go with it. It doesn't have to be perfect!
4) Top coat those babies. Before the top coat on the red nail dries, plop a rhinestone down. 

     My first idea was to do the blue nail like I did, but then have the other three nails white with red horizontal stripes. That was a winning look. Ha! Except it was a total fail. I decided to go with a more abstract look. I actually think I like it better. 

     What do you think? Is this a winner?


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