Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Forever Polished - Golden Petals and If I Were A Tulip...

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     Apparently, it's spring. I'm not sure if you knew that or not. Mother Nature certainly get the memo. On Sunday, it was 85 degrees and gross. (I don't like to sweat. Don't judge!) Yesterday, Pittsburgh got snow. It was also pretty gross. These two spring babies from Forever Polished are very much needed. Drab weather calls for cute nails, right?

     Keep on reading for all the good stuff...

Golden Petals

light purple
frosty blue shift
gold microflakes

Golden Petals

three coats
one coat Rica Glossy Glam

Golden Petals

     Three thin and easy coats built this up nicely. It would look great over a creme base, too. I used one coat of topcoat to finish it off.

     Between the frosty shimmer and the golden flakes, this polish is really unique!

If I Were A Tulip...

mid toned cool purple
holo shimmer

If I Were A Tulip...

two coats
one coat Rica Glossy Glam

If I Were A Tulip...

     Two easily coats and one coat of topcoat. This polish couldn't have been any easier. 

     There's such an awesome shine with the holo sparkles in this. It's a perfect shade for spring or summer. Or late winter since it's never ending here.

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Both polishes are full size bottles and are $8 USD plus shipping.
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  1. It was 70 in Buffalo on Sunday--I walked around our zoo with my sister in short sleeves and rolled up jeans. Then I had to drag out my winter coat on Monday. The weather needs to get it together, ASAP.

  2. It's finally balancing out here. I've been in such a funk over it.


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