Thursday, November 21, 2013

SUPER BLACK Lacquer - 3rd Degree

Press Sample

    Woo! Another new to me indie to share. This one is SUPER BLACK Lacquer. SUPER BLACK was started in 2012 by Natalie Dee. If you're not familiar with her comics, you might be new to the internet. I've been a fan of hers for years. As a fellow pug owner, I feel like we're connected on a different level. Pug owners are the best people. 

     To find out more about SUPER BLACK, click here. If you want to see more of this polish, check out my review under the cut. 

** Photos were taken in artificial daylight.**

3rd Degree

dark red orange
fine golden shimmer
metallic finish

two coats 
one coat Seche Vite

3rd Degree

    The formula on this was AWESOME. It applied like butter in two easy coats. I had no issues with pooling or dragging. It dried pretty fast, too. If all SUPER BLACK polishes are like this, I need them. 

3rd Degree

     Look at that shimmery metallic finish. This polish has a fiery glow to it. I'm typically not drawn to colors like this and really needed it in my collection. Plus, how perfect is the name? 

SUPER BLACK Lacquer is available for purchase here
3rd Degree is a full size 18mL bottle and costs $12.00 USD plus shipping.
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Products in this post were provided for an honest review. 
All opinions are unbiased and were not influenced in any way.

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