Sunday, October 6, 2013

Falling for Nail Art: Sweater Weather

        I'm back to the nail art challenge! My cold is still going strong, but I had polish my nails last night. I didn't have a lot of time and needed something fairly easy. I decided to go with some stamping. I'm sure I would have had more inspiration if it were actually sweater weather here. This weekend has been in the 80s. This is Pittsburgh! It should not be 80 degrees in October.

      This picture isn't very good, but there are better ones after the jump.

Sweater Weather
Zoya Cynthia
Color Club Harp On It
Nubar Diamont top coat

Sweater Weather

       I love this stamping plate! The images are really big and easy to use. I didn't take enough time to make them perfectly straight. This could look a lot better, but it'll do. I just didn't want to get behind on another challenge. 

      I love how this looks in the sunlight! It reminds me of the sparkly sweaters my mom made me wear. 

Sweater Weather

     I'm not a master at stamping. I've actually only done it a few times. If you have any tips or tricks, I'd love to hear them! 



      This isn't challenge related. I just wanted to show off my nails! While I was really sick and at home for a few days, I left my nails bare. Last night, I did a manicure and filed down my nails a lot. I love how they look without polish. Duri Rejuvacote has done wonders for me. It's truly my holy grail base coat. Have you tried it? 

Don't forget! You can still join in on the challenge. You can post them on your blog and add your link below, post them on Instagram with the tag #fallingfornailart, or you can share them on my Facebook page and I'll share them from there. I'll also be making a Pinterest board!  Do as many or as few as you'd like. Here's the schedule:

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  1. I love the Nailz Craze plates, that is one that I don't have yet, awesome mani!

  2. I love this pattern! And you have great bare nails!

  3. I always forget to come over here and actually leave a comment. I love this!


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