Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lynnderella: I Don't Mean Rhinestones

          Sorry about the lack of posts! I had several nails break shortly after my last post. I had to start fresh, and actually went without polish for a few days because nothing looked right on my teeny tiny nail beds. I started using Rejuvacote. Don't miss the naked nail pic at the end of this post. Today's nail of the day is a stunner!


I Don't Mean Rhinestones
one coat Essie Go Overboard
one coat IDMR
two coats Seche Vite

          I love this polish! IDMR applied smoothly and without any trouble at all. It's a gorgeous mix of teal hexes and holographic diamonds with a generous sprinkling of tiny turquoise holographic glitter.

          These pictures are in natural light and are after three days of wear. Yes, three days! I can hardly believe it myself. As you can see, there's just a tiny bit of tip wear. This is practically unheard of for me. I find that letting each coat dry completely before moving on really helps my glitter manicures staying power. 

Check out the naked nails under the cut...

 Naked Nails
one coat Duri Rejuvacote

     I've been using Rejuvacote for about two weeks. The results have been amazing for me. My nails are growing quickly and are stronger than ever. I haven't had any peeling or breakage since I started using it.

        I stopped using regular base coats under my polish. I've just been using Rejuvacote as my base. My polish is lasting so much longer without any chips! I was lucky to get two days from a polish before this. So far, I was able to get five days with Rejuvacote. I'd say that's quite an improvement. 

Lynnderella polish can be purchased on eBay by going to
Duri Rejuvacote can be found at various online retailers or in select stores. I found mine at WalMart. 


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