Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - Lilly of my Dreams [PCOS Awareness]

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     Julie of BEGL has created this polish for a special cause. Here's what she had to say: "100% of the money made from Lilly of My Dreams will be donated to the PCOS Awareness Association.  It was created in honor of the miracle baby of one of my very good friends and admins of the BEGLove group.  She suffers from PCOS and was told she might not be able to conceive.  Her baby, Lillian, truly is a dream come true, so we wanted to celebrate her impending arrival into the world!"

     Keep on reading for more info!

 Lilly of my Dreams

red leaning hot pink
blue shimmer

Lilly of my Dreams

two coats
one coat Seche Vite

Lilly of my Dreams

     Flawless application here. Just two coats and some top coat. Easy, right? 

     I can't wait to use this for my next pedicure. It's the perfect hot pink. I've seen it on a few different skin tones and it looked great on everyone. 

     This polish was created for Jessica. I asked her if she wanted to share anything with all of us and she had some great advice. As someone who also has PCOS, it gives me hope. Here's what she had to say: "You are bigger than this. Go out there and find a support group, there are so many others fighting; learn about the disorder; be proactive and get testing done. More importantly know you are never alone. If you have a medical professional that seems negative, demeaning and flippant about your having PCOS and/or claims you'll never be able to have kids, find a different Doctor. It's simply not true. It will be harder to conceive, yes. But don't ever think their say is a final absolute - it's not. I had to weed through two awful doctors to find one I really like. She helps keep me aware of symptoms I suffer from related to this disorder and treats those symptoms as well. Had I listened to those doctors I'd never have Lillian. But I found people that suffer from PCOS as well, learned more about what I can do to get pregnant despite having PCOS, and here I am with my baby! It's never impossible. Keep the faith and fight the good fight."

For more information about PCOS Awareness, check out the PCOSAA site

Lilly of my Dreams will be available for pre-order 27 3:30 pm edt - April 30 midnight edt for $5.00 USD plus shipping. 
Lilly of my Dreams is only available in mini bottles since we're celebrating a baby. So cute!
100% of the purchase price ($5 USD) will be donated to the PCOSAA. Donations will be made on May 2, 2016, and Julie of BEGL will post confirmation on the BEGL Facebook page. (I can't wait to see how much we can raise!)

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