Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Beauty Buffs - Texture

    It's that time again! The Beauty Buffs are back with another theme. This week is all about texture. When planning for this post, I had a great vision to find some awesome textured fall clothing for plus size babes like myself, but that's not what ya'll are getting today. Sorry! I've been working a lot and am swamped with polishes to review right now. Be on the lookout for lots more to come! 

     For this simple textured look, I used a few of my favorites. Keep on reading for all the details and a link up for all the other Beauty Buff posts!

Supplies Used

Rica Blackout
Zoya Carter
Ellagee Glass
Nail Vinyls in Chevron Print
small tweezers

    For this look, I started with a black base with top coat. I waited about 20 minutes for my base to fully dry before adding the Nail Vinyl stencils. I've tried to do it shortly after my base and it never works for me. If you have pointers, let me know! To make the stencils less sticky, I put them on the back of my hand. After they're on the nail, apply the textured polish. Simply remove the stencil and voila! You'res good to go. 

     I love Zoya Carter! It's a great purple texture, but mine isn't as opaque as what I've seen from others. I think I have a bad bottle. Even after 3 coats alone, it's not fully opaque for me. 

     What are your favorite textured polishes? 


  1. Wow love this with the chevron design, cool!

  2. I absolutley love this! It's so simple and classic too :)

  3. I normally don't do macro shots of nail art, but this one needed it!

  4. I love the way Carter stands out against the black!

  5. Where do you get your vinyls from ?

  6. I totally agree that macro is amazing !!!

  7. These ones are from

  8. Me, too! My bottle is watery so I have to layer it. This makes it pop.

  9. i love that polish and your chevrons are prefect!

  10. Thank you! I think this is the best chevron look I've done. :)

  11. I <3 Zoya Carter! This is why you need Liberty, because it goes GREAT with Carter! lol.

    Loving this look! The chevrons and Carter against the black, it's just perfect!

  12. I really need to get another bottle because this was is so thin and watery. Most swatches I've seen are super rich like Liberty.


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