Sunday, July 27, 2014

Milani Color Statement - Ladybug Nail Art

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     This summer sure is flying by, isn't it? I had to use the weather as some nail art inspiration today. While I was trimming the giant shrub in front of my house, I saw tons of bugs. I really hate bugs. Actually, I hate being outside. I'm more of a homebody, but that doesn't mean I can't find nature to be cute. ha! I decided to take on some ladybug nail art with the Milani Color Statement collection You can find my other posts here

     Check out the details under the cut!

Polishes used for this nail art look.

Polishes Used

Red Label & Ink Spot

one coat each
no top coat

Ladybug Nail Art

       I started out with one coat of Red Label. I was super surprised by how opaque it was. After it was dry, I used Ink Spot to create freehand semicircles on the tips. With a small dotting tool, I added a few rows dots. 

Ladybug Nail Art

       With a small nail art brush, I added some antennas. These don't have to be perfect. To finish the look, I used Spotlight White to make the eyes and added a little more black to complete them. I used Quick Dry Top Coat to top it off. (I should have let the eyes dry a bit more because the index nail smeared a little bit.)

Milani Color Statement Polishes are available at various drugstores and big box stores such as Target, plus at They retail for $3.99 each.

Products in this post were provided for an honest review. 
All opinions are unbiased and were not influenced in any way.


  1. So cute! I've slowly become completely sold on the Milani polishes,

  2. I'm pretty impressed with them. Nearly all the ones I've used are one coaters!

  3. oooh these are adorable! and don't worry, I don't like going outside either ;)

  4. It's so unpredictable outside. I'd rather be in a climate controlled environment.


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