Monday, February 24, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics - Harley Dyna & Anti-Matter

Press Sample

     It's no secret that I'm a Sons of Anarchy fan. This polish is another beauty from Celestial Cosmetics SoA collection. As an added bonus, I've thrown in the new matte topcoat, Anti-Matter. (I love the name!) If you love black jelly polishes, or if you've been looking for a great matte topcoat, this post is right up your alley. 

    After the jump, check out the full review and all the details on how you can get your own!


Harley Dyna

black jelly base
small light pink hexes
tiny holo red hexes
fine holo blue sparkles

Harley Dyna

three coats
one coat Rica Glossy Glam

Harley Dyna

    Three easy jelly coats built this up to complete opacity. You could easily use one coat over a black base, but why? I didn't have any problems with pooling or dragging. It dried quickly, and only needed one coat of topcoat to gloss it over.

Harley Dyna

     Galaxy nails without all the work? Yes, please! The black jelly gives this this a great depth while still letting the glitters shine through.

Harley Dyna & Anti-Matter

three coats 
one coat Anti-Matter

Harley Dyna & Anti-Matter

     Anti-Matter is a matte topcoat that applies smoothly and dries quickly. The formula is self leveling and I didn't have any issues with brushstrokes showing after application. 

Harley Dyna & Anti-Matter

     Anti-Matter is awesome. It gave a great matte look without making the polish look cloudy or murky. 

Celestial Cosmetics are available for purchase from Color4Nails.
Harley Dyna is $9.00 USD plus shipping.
Anti-Matter is $7.50 USD plus shipping.
Don't forget that Color4Nails offers international shipping!
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Products in this post were provided for an honest review. 
All opinions are unbiased and were not influenced in any way.


  1. I wouldn't buy Harley-Dyna based on how it looks in the macro. It's so neat on the nail, though!

  2. I don't really like red glitters (or red at all lol). They look more dominant in the macro than the swatches. :)

  3. They're holo so they're not as red as you'd think.


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