Sunday, October 27, 2013

Falling for Nail Art: Other Realm

     I'm cheating on my challenge. I had a really rough weekend at work. (You'll see why after I show off my green Halloween nails.) I'm beat and couldn't put a lot of effort into my nails. I wanted to do a purple to black holo gradient with some witches. Sounds awesome, huh? Well, that's not what you're going to see today. Sorry, folks! I'm a failure. 

     Here's what I did have the time/strength/inspiration to do tonight. Filing down your nails as much as I had to really takes a toll on your hands. I can't wait for them to grow out again.

*All pictures were taken in artificial light.*

Other Realm

Polished used:
Different Dimensions Nessie's Revenge
Rescue Beauty Lounge Abi
Lynnderella She Lived in a Swamp

Other Realm

     I love green polish! I guess these polishes work for the theme. Nessie kind of lives in a swamp, right? I don't believe in that nonsense so I could consider it of a different world. Here's where I would insert a Kanye shrug. I'm just making this up as I go. 

     Below are two pictures that might make you cringe. I'll post the small versions and you can click on them if you want. On Saturday, I hit my hand really, really hard while I was at work. My index finger was a bit swollen (and still hurts), but my thumb nail took a beating. A horrible, terrible, no good, very bad, rotten beating. The left picture was right after the accident and the left was when I finally got home 5 hours later. I tried to get all the polish off, but I would have damaged it even more. I patched it up using Orly Nail Repair. It worked well. If I had cut it down, it would have been super tender. As you can see from the full picture above, it doesn't look too bad.

     Well, that was depressing to relive. Let's just forget it even happened. I'm still sore over having to file down my nails. 

Don't forget! You can still join in on the challenge. You can post them on your blog and add your link below, post them on Instagram with the tag #fallingfornailart, or you can share them on my Facebook page and I'll share them from there. I'll also be making a Pinterest board!  Do as many or as few as you'd like. Here's the schedule:

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  1. That sucks! I just broke 2 nails within the last 2 weeks though they weren't that bad. I need to catch up in our challenge. I made my earrings, necklace, and hat decorations for Halloween which took a while. I'm dressing up in a Steampunk costume.

  2. Owww! That looks nasty! A while ago my nails were very thin after experimenting with a acrylics and when I was trying to lift the lid off a plastic container I bent the nail right back. It HURT!

  3. Oh, no! I know them feels. I wore acrylics for 5 years. They wrecked my hands.

  4. I can't wait to see your costume!


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