Friday, October 18, 2013

Falling for Nail Art: Cloudy Skies

      I'm trying to catch up on the nail art challenge. I absolutely hate that I'm behind, but life gets in the way. The weather here has been really gloomy. Imagine that! Cloudy skies, lots of rain, and cooler temperatures. It really gets you down. There's a cure for that, though! Great nail art.

      This look features two of my favorite Zoya polishes: London and Trixie. For all the details and whatnot, click the Read More link below! 

Pictures taken in natural light.
Click for better detail.

Cloudy Skies
Zoya PixieDust London
Zoya Trixie
Konad Rubber Stamper

Cloudy Skies

     Super simple. I used two easy coats of London and let it FULLY dry. After that, I used Trixie to stamp on my clouds. Trixie is my favorite stamping polish ever. I've tried plenty of other polishes, but nothing stamps as well as Trixie. 

     Please disregard the little bit of sparkles I have around my cuticles. I washed my hands once, but using a hand scrub would have been better. I, however, didn't have time for that right away. 

Cloudy Skies

     This look is definitely subdued, but I think it fits the theme perfectly. The best part? PixieDust polishes wear like iron on me. I can easily wear this polish for 4 or 5 days without any chips or wear. Of course you could top coat this if you don't care for the textured look. I'm sure this would look amazing with top coat. 

      What do you think about this look? 

      Don't forget! You can still join in on the challenge. You can post them on your blog and add your link below, post them on Instagram with the tag #fallingfornailart, or you can share them on my Facebook page and I'll share them from there. I'll also be making a Pinterest board!  Do as many or as few as you'd like. Here's the schedule:

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