Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lumina Lacquer - Camouflage

          I have another beauty from Lumina Lacquer. During Tatiana's last restock, I had to pick this up. I love green glitter, and this is just packed with it. I tried this over two completely colors. For the life of me, I couldn't get a clear bottle shot. I ordered a macro lens last night, so I hope it works well. Here's what I came up with...

Check out more pictures and a review under the cut.

Lumina Lacquer - Camouflage
clear base
large green circles
green stars
neon green hexes
varying turquoise glitter
varying black glitter
tiny holo green sparkle

Don't mind the minor tip wear. These pictures are after three days of wear.

Lumina Lacquer - Camouflage
one coat Essie Go Overboard
one coat Camouflage
two coats Seche Vite

      One coat of Camouflage gave me great glitter coverage. I didn't have to fish around or use the dabbing method. It dried quickly and pretty smoothly. I used two coats of SV. I should have used one, but I forgot to thin it and refill my bottle so it was harder to apply. 
       I love this over a teal base. It has a great depth. I received so many compliments on this.

Lumina Lacquer - Camouflage
two coats Cult Nails Feel Me Up
one coat Camouflage
one coat Seche Vite

      I wanted to see this over a completely different base. This golden yellow really makes the glitter pop. You can see all the different glitters really well. I especially like my index nail in this picture. Those circles are my favorite right now! I can't get enough.

          Which base is your favorite? Be on the lookout for another restock in the future! Lumina Lacquer has so many great glitter polishes and I can't wait to bulk up my collection with more. 

Lumina Lacquers can be purchased in the Big Cartel shop
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  1. It is really pretty over a teal base, I love that. I do however also like to be able to see the various glitters more, like over the yellow base :D


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