Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lynnderella: Angel Food

          Pink shimmery glittery goodness. Lynnderella Angel Food is just that. After all the swatching I've done in the last few days, I needed a palette cleanser. Here's the result.

 Two Coats Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy
Two Coats Lynnderella Angel Food
Two Coats Seche Vite

Check out all the details under the cut...

Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy
lilac creme with blue and silver flecks

two coats

       This gorgeous lilac creme has a a generous sprinkling of blue and silver flecks. Unfortunately, it didn't translate well in my picture. The formula and application was exactly what I expect from Essie. It was smooth, just thick enough, and was   perfect in two coats. Dry time was typical. I find my glitter polishes work best over a completely dry base. I waited about 15 minutes before adding the Lynnderella.

Lynderella Angel Food
semi-sheer white glitter mix with iridescent blue glitter, pink shimmer and fuchsia microglitter
 in a sheer pinky lavender base

two coats

          Angel Food is perfect. The sheer base makes this great for layering. I used two coats because I like the floating glitter look. The application was effortless; I didn't have to fish for glitters or place them with the dabbing method. Two coats of Seche Vite smoothed this out perfectly. 

            See how the light catches the shimmer? This was stunning in natural light. It went perfectly with the small glimpse of spring weather we had here in Pittsburgh over the weekend. 

            On an unrelated note, how's the new watermark? Yay or nay?


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