Sunday, February 10, 2013

Glitzology - Purple Rain

          Before I even start this post, you need to watch this video. You're welcome. Anyway, this manicure started with me wanting to try out one of my new Illamasqua polishes from my most recent Sephora order. The base color was really pretty, but needed something more. Here's the result. 

Glitzology Purple Rain: One coat over two coats Illamasqua Superstition
Two coats Out The Door

          That's just one coat of Purple Rain! Can you believe it? Stacy of Glitzology makes such stunners. Purple Rain is a generous mix of purple glitters ranging from a light lilac to a dark royal with a ton of tiny holo bits. It's the perfect accompaniment to Illamasqua Superstition, a bright fuchsia pink. Two coats of Out The Door smoothed out the glitters and gave it the floating glitter look I love.

          I've been on a purple kick lately. I just can't get enough. What's on your nails right now?


  1. gorgeous mani! could you believe my nails are naked right now?!

    1. No way! I can't remember the last time I went without polish.

  2. These are really gorgeous together! I love this combo!

  3. I love that song! (right up there with Raspberry Beret) Me thinks I need this polish. :):):)

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  5. nice. imagining this glitter over blue


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