Sunday, December 16, 2012

Glitzology: Stuck In The Chimney

     Hello, loves! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Today was my only day off until Christmas. Needless to say, I pretty much did nothing. I decided to spend the day lounging around the house with Winslow. He's quite okay with my decision. He's currently sleeping under my Snuggie with his head on my lap.

     Today's post is stepping away from my nail art challenge. I wanted to make sure I used Glitzology Stuck In The Chimney before Christmas. I would've hated to wait another year to pull this one out of my stash. I have far too many untrieds as it is.

     Stuck In The Chimney is a sheer gray shimmery base packed full of red, white, and green glitter. The glitter in this polish varies in shape and size: bar, hex, and square. (I know many of you out there don't care for bar glitter. Don't worry! Stacy, the shop owner, is willing to mix her polishes without the bar glitter included. How many indies will do that?) The variety in this polish makes it interesting to the eye. These swatches show two thin coats over China Glaze Stone Cold.

     As with the last Glitzology polish I showed you, the application was flawless. I was so excited to find a bar glitter with this type of application. The bars are unlike any I've used before. They lay flat on the nail and have no curling issues at all. I didn't have to use the dabbing method or fish around for the glitter. Easy as pie.

      To finish this look, I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Out The Door. I wish I could have captured the shimmer of the base. This is absolutely beautiful in real life. I love how the red, white, and green glitters are true to color and aren't overpowered by the gray shimmer base. 

Check out the great customer service story under the cut!
      I've heard quite a few horror stories about indie sellers, and it's kind of scared me away from purchasing. We all hear about the bad, but don't often hear stories like this one. Stacy of Glitzology definitely raised the bar sky high. Others need to sit back and take notes.

    On Black Friday, I purchased 4 more polishes from this shop. Baby Dragon was perfect and I'll be posting it soon. However, one polish wasn't like the others. I received a bad bottle of Purple Rain. The base was quite thick and not the same as the other polishes. I let Stacy know about the problems I had with application. She answered me 12 minutes after I messaged her on Etsy. Just 12 minutes! I was astounded at her response time. 

     Stacy's customer service is superb. She offered to replace the bad bottle and throw in a complimentary polish of my choice at no charge to make things right and apologize for the inconvenience. She explained that   she now uses a completely different supplier for suspension base due to inconsistencies in the formula. She didn't make excuses, blame it on poor application, or write it off as nothing as so many other sellers do. Not only was Stacy prompt, apologetic, and professional, but she's incredibly understanding. I actually ordered two more polishes from her earlier this afternoon. I can't wait to see what she has in store for the future! With service like this, I'll be singing Glitzology's praises for many days to come.

     What are some of your favorite indies? Have you experienced this type of phenomenal service from any other brands? I'd love to get a few more places to shop. Enable me!



  1. I have to thank you, you totally just reminded me about my Snuggie!!! I have to dig that thing out, I love it :) And the nails are great too, lol. Such a pretty glitter for Christmas.

    1. How could you forget about your Snuggie? My boyfriend got me a leopard print one for Christmas two years ago. I use it every night!

  2. Stacy is super sweet, and the four polishes I have from her are awesome! Can't wait to order more.


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