Friday, December 7, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Day Four Inspired by a Holiday Movie

      I'm not sure about you, but Elf is one of my favorite holiday movies. I really wanted to use Gremlins as an inspiration. Unfortunately, I failed miserably when trying to paint Gizmo on my nails. It was a hot mess. I opted for a bit of an easier task.

     Aside from the penguins that were featured a few days ago, I've never free handed nail art before. This was quite a learning experience for me. I used my dotting tools and a striping brush to create the elf body. For the lettering, I just used a dotting tool. the body took me a good 15 minutes to paint. I removed it and did it over several times before I was happy with it. 

       For my thumb, I wanted to make swirly twirlies, but it didn't turn out quite like I had anticipated. I used a Bundle Monster stamping plate for the image. It didn't turn out very well and I thought glitter might help it out. Wrong. It was just a hot mess.

     See what I mean? The glitter just didn't work out well. Maybe it's before I'm just not a fan of gold tones on me. I feel that I'm far too pale for it. However, I think the letter nails would have looked better with a full coat of the gold. I guess I'll know better next time.

     This was a lot a fun to do. I never would have imagined that it would turn out how it did. I'm pretty proud of myself. My boyfriend loved it; he told me not to remove it. I'll probably duplicate this for Christmas with the family. 

     What's your favorite holiday movie?

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     If you'd like to join, jump in! It's okay if you don't get to each day or post a day late. This is all in good fun. Let's see what you've got! :)


  1. Aww I love it! My favorite movie is the year without a santa claus, probably because heatmiser and snowmiser are the perfect characters and I love their song.

  2. so cute! and a very wonderful job I might add!


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