Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Day Seven Candy Canes

     Candy canes sound pretty simple, right? WRONG. I hated doing these. I think it was just my striping tape that didn't agree with the red holo jelly I used for this look. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but it was a pain.

      I used WNW White Creme as a base and Hits Ares for the candy stripes. For some reason, the jelly formula of Ares didn't work well for this look. For the silver, I just used a simple striper from Sally's.

     My thumb turned out to be my favorite. It's the only one that looked how I imagined before I started this. 

     This is a look I won't be trying to duplicate. It was a nightmare. I think this was my fifth and final attempt. I was just fed up at this point. 

     What's your latest nail art fail?

Here are the other bloggers joining in:

     If you'd like to join, jump in! It's okay if you don't get to each day or post a day late. This is all in good fun. Let's see what you've got! 


  1. I'm sorry it was such a pain but this is my favorite candy cane mani so far! I <3<3<3 the silver, it really makes it unique :)

  2. I have issues with tape manis too - my lines never come out as clean as I want. I think it looks good though! :o)


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